La Ronge Enkyoji

Martial Arts

Are you ready to start learning Martial Arts? We are here to guide your learning journey into the world of true bujutsu (Classical Japanese martial arts) as taught in Japan.

What We Offer

We are a not-for-profit corporation, with as goal to study modern and classical Japanese martial arts in Saskatchewan and in Canada. We manage several programs that are rigorous, exciting, as well as challenging at times. We invite you to come train with us to start enjoying the numerous benefits of studying martial arts through enhancing your physical, emotional, and spiritual development.

Gain Confidence

Reduce Stress

Learn Self Defence


Learning Classical Japanese Martial arts in modern times.

Studying martial arts these days can done for many reasons, including wanting to be active, learning self-defense, or to better understand how the ancient samurai warriors used their skills.

Ninja Kids Martial Arts® Helps kids Boost their Development

Are you looking for a Dynamic Martial Arts program in La Ronge and area? Ninja Kids Martial Arts® has been BOOSTING child development since 2015.

La Ronge Martial Arts Website

We created a special website explaining the various martial arts programs that are offered to adults. Please visit this website to learn more detaila about each of the programs, including, cost, training times, as well as requirements for attending a class.

La Ronge Enkyoji

La Ronge Enkyoji promotes compassion through meditative and mindfulness experiences in various ways that are inspired by Nichiren shu Buddhism, and is welcoming to all.