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La Ronge Enkyoji’s mission is to provide a centre for nurturing holistic well-being through empowering, innovative, and inspirational practices.

Mindfulness Meditation

Martial Arts

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La Ronge Enkyoji Cultural Centre Inc. is a nonprofit corporation in Northern Saskatchewan. It promotes compassion through meditative and mindfulness experiences in various ways that are inspired by Nichiren shu Buddhism, and is welcoming to all.

The programs are operated by Krista de Feijter and her husband Dr. Chris de Feijter. Both focus on providing mindfulness experiences through the different programs that are offered.

Although La Ronge Enkyoji is a corporation with the roots in Nichiren Shu Buddhism, all programs are offered on a secular basis. Nevertheless, if a participant would like to learn more about buddhist practices, they are free to further explore the possibilities by contacting Chris.