La Ronge Enkyoji

Relearn to Relax

and Inspire yourself

through the study of Meditation, Mindfulness, and Martial Arts in Northern Saskatchewan

Meditation & Mindfulness​

Relaxation & Stress Relieve

Japanese Martial Art

Every Day is a New Day

La Ronge Enkyoji’s mission is to provide a centre for nurturing holistic well-being through empowering, innovative, and inspirational practices.

La Ronge Enkyoji promotes compassion through meditative and mindfulness experiences in various ways that are inspired by Nichiren shu Buddhism, and is welcoming to all.


We gather to enjoy the study and practice of meditation, mindfulness, cultural experiences, holistic wellness, and movement through martial arts.

Mindfulness as a Way of Life

Relax Your Body

Boost Your Willpower

Enjoy Your Life

Stacked harmony stones in zen balance. pile of stones isolated on white background

Gain Energy

Reduce Stress

Create a Calm Mind

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About La Ronge Enkyoji & Buddhism

La Ronge Enkyoji Cultural Centre Inc. is a charitable nonprofit corporation in Northern Saskatchewan, and operates a Nichiren Shu Buddhism temple (sangha). The Temple is founded on the principles outlined in the Lotus Sutra for the purpose of worshiping Shakyamuni Buddha who is none other than the embodiment of the Eternal Buddha, as well as following the great example of Nichiren Shonin, by communicating the Lotus Sutra, relieving poverty, distress and human suffering of all kinds, and propagating the Nichiren Shu Buddhist faith.